A lot of queries related to synchronization of the QuickBooks file between two computers are asked, as people wish to continue their work back home while leaving from their workplace, and that’s when synchronizing the files becomes important. Considering this important query, we have come up with the easiest and convenient step by step guide that lets you know about the best way to sync QuickBooks files between two computers. If you face any difficulty to sync files, you can contact our professional experts by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support Number 888-677-5770.

Step 1- You need to install and download the data transfer utility kit hosted by Intuit.

Step 2- The next step involves pasting the downloaded file to the primary computer. Save the file and transfer it to the source computer.

Step 3- The next step requires you to start QuickBooks on the primary computer. Open the company file in the secondary computer, and use the synchronized information in the destination file.

Step 4- Go to “export data from source company”, and click on the open source company button. Click on “yes” and grant access even if the QuickBooks isn’t running current.

Step 5- Go to the “data transfer utility” click close in the “currently connected to” option.

Step 6- Go to QuickBooks, click on “file”, further when it opens, click on “open or restore company” and click on “open a company”

Step 7- Choose “open destination company” in the disk transfer utility from “import data into Destination Company”. Choose “yes” and “always permit access”. This allows the application to access your data even when the QuickBooks isn’t running.

This is how you can sync QuickBooks files between two computers. Importing the file becomes easier, and now you can work wherever you want, with the ease of letting data on QuickBooks be fetched in both the computers for your convenience and better productivity.

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