QuickBooks is very important tool for businesses purpose as it helps organization to manage their money, pay money to their employees, and pay their bills. But beside its advantage it is fairly complex application also. Complex means while working on the QuickBooks you will surely come through some of the common issues. Here some of the very common issues along with the solution are discussed below, so take a look to it:

 QuickBooks run slowly in multi-user mode

This is quiet tricky because there can be a number of reason same as with any slowdown. If you have ruled out any hardware then you might be facing issues in your data file. The fastest way to recover it by using the Clean Up Company Data tool found in File | Utilities. If this doesn’t help you to fasten your QuickBooks then you can always turn off the Audit Trail feature.

 You can’t copy or move the QuickBooks data file

If you have tried to copy the content of the QuickBooks data file from your hard drive to a removable drive you will find the file is locked. QuickBooks Server Manager and Directory Monitor have that file locked down. Turn off QuickBooks, click Start > Run, enter services.msc and take a look to the QuickBooks services and stop those two. Once the services are stopped, you will be able to copy and paste that file.Quickbooks

 You’ve Lost The Admin Password

We rarely get this call but when we do, it’s definitely a difficult one to deal with. Sometimes, getting access is simply guessing any of your previously use or old passwords. Other times, we use software to help bypass the QuickBooks data security to make a backup of the data to later restore. Every now and then you’ll get lucky using software to crack the security of your QuickBooks file and will restore access.

 Updating the data file fails

When you are upgrading QuickBooks from one version to the new one, sometimes the earlier version’s data file can’t be read by the newer version. Due to this, the data file must be updated. It happens during the installation process and requires you make a backup first. However to avoid any issues with the data file, make sure you run a verification on that file before you uninstall the old version or install the new version. So it will be better to install the new version side by side with the old version.